Brawler’s Guild – Meet Splat

Have you ever been doing something when, out of the blue, an opportunity falls in your lap? Did you think to yourself, “I can’t let this opportunity pass me by. I must – nay, I will drop what I am doing and give this a shot!”

Sometimes it’s best just to wipe that opportunity off your lap and step on its neck.

I’d been running scenarios, experimenting with a little macro I will discuss in the future. Well what was in my box of treasures after completing said scenario but a quest. It sent me to the Brawler’s Guild in Orgrimmar. I’d run through ranks of the Brawler’s Guild with an Alliance character back in the day, but Horde-side was all new to me. Instead of queueing for another fistful of easy coins and justice/valor points, I swung by Org and popped in on my favorite Fight Club.

Lo and behold, the quest invited me to throw down with someone named Splat. I had no idea what this was, but I assumed it was simply a Brawler designed to lure people into getting involved with Brawler’s Guild. Get some recreational blood on your hands, and you’re hooked. That kind of thing.

The best way to lure someone into trying something is to give them a soft target to rough up. Or so I thought. Apparently Splat was new to Brawler’s Guild, and I was the soft target.

Since option “KillDeath” was off the table, I decided to go to Youtube and look for help. The advice I found there was good, but my execution needs work.

Splat. Don’t let this killer glob of jam kill you like it killed me.

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