Pet Battles – Unborn Val’kyr Pet Guide

What's with all the violence!?

What’s with all the violence!?

Pet Battles are great. There I said it.

They can be an excellent way to level your character. They’re great PVP for those who couldn’t fight their way through a wet Kleenex. They’re also yet another way to play World of Warcraft. Get out there, take on other Battle Masters around the globe(s), and win!

Those “in the know” like to have certain pets. Standard pets really, the kind that you should be running if you’re worth your salt as a Pet Battler. The Unborn Val’kyr is one of those “top shelf” kind of pets that one should have in their stable. So if you want to be a Master Battler, check out the video below to find out how to get one of these pets for yourself.

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  1. She really is a beauty and definitely one of my favs.

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