TGIF – Skinning in Black Morass

Remember awhile back when I said that it was tough to make gold at the end of an expansion? Well, about that…

Selling gear and items can be tough. The only folks buying that are usually people who are gearing alts. However, those alts are going to have professions to level up. At this point, players have two options – pay $60 for a boost to Level 90 (which will max out the two primary professions and First Aid) (As long as the character is at least level 60 before the boost — Editor), or save sixty bones and hit the AH to buy mats for leveling it up the old fashioned way.

If you look on the AH, chances are you’ll see that the raw mats sell for more than the processed mats do. Ore is more valuable than bars, for example. Well Knothide Leather can be tough to come by, and people will need it. So if you want to make bank, and you have a sharp knife, and hate Gators, Black Morass in the Caverns of Time might be the place for you.

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