TGIF – Bastion of Twilight

TGIF – The Gold I Find, because Hells Yes I’m broke.

If there’s one thing that stays constant through the years, it’s that the toughest time to make gold is at the end of an expansion. Profession swag like gear and potions tends to go down because people either don’t play as much, or are already geared up. They may need stuff for alts, but by and large you’re not going to be raking in the cash like you were before.

Farming for gold can be a little more lucrative, depending on how and where you’re doing it. Transmog gear is always going to be worth something, and the raw mats you pick up also tend to sell. If you decide that you want to do some farming, you need to find somewhere that you can run through quickly, yet still produces drops that will make you gold on the Auction House.

Bastion of Twilight is ambitious, but it can also be quite lucrative. If this is your first time farming, or I don’t know, maybe you’ve been away from WoW for a year and forgot how your abilities work, BoT might not be the best zone to get your feet wet in. What you’ll find is that those wet feet are soaked with piss and blood. Yours.

If you have the gear for it, or just want to feel like a rock star killing green elite mobs at level 90, BoT can be a nice place to hang out.

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