Superman Plays World of Warcraft

I will pwn you, Kal-El.

I will pwn you, Kal-El.


Henry Cavill is Hollywood’s new “It” man.  He’s good looking, killer physique, modest, and go figure, kicked all sorts of ass as Superman in the franchise revamp movie Man of Steel.  By all accounts, Cavill did an amazing job as DC’s ultimate Super Hero.  But this almost didn’t happen because a) Cavill is a true team player, and b) Cavill is a World of Warcraft nutbag.


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  1. HAHA that is awesome! Good catch

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  3. Hm the video is “private”. Well no matter, great catch indeed 🙂 Perhaps I should resub again soon.. I miss Ashenvale :-/ .. they sell 30 day game time cards here:

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