Brawler’s Guild – Rank Two for Death Knights


Honk Honk.

What’s that you ask?  That sound would be me tooting my own horn to an obscene degree.  My Death Knight girded his loins and walked through the Rank One opposition without so much as breaking a sweat.  Thanks, Icy Veins (the website, not the ones twisting through my body) for your helpful advice.

With Rank One cinched firmly under my belt, I stepped up for the first fight of Rank Two.  I felt my confidence rise to an absurd level when a cute little penguin named Dippy appeared before me.  I thought that maybe he was the entertainment before the first Rank Two boss stepped out.  But no, apparently he would be the one my Death Knight would be cutting up into steaks.  I almost felt bad for what was about to happen.

A few seconds later, I really did feel bad.  And by “bad” I mean “dead”.  Dippy couldn’t have twisted my shit faster if he’d put it through a blender.  I had just been curb stomped, American History X style, by a bird in a tuxedo.  Back I went to Icy Veins, and this is what I did to get through Rank Two.

Rank Two

Dippy – A cute penguin.  Never trust cute things.  A few tips from various Death Knights:

  • use  Army of the Dead straight away to have as many things beating on him as possible. When that was about to expire, I pulled up my regular ghoul.  I used Blood Boil to keep him at bay – using up Death Runes as well as my blood runes. Other than that… just use Death Strike and  Rune Strikes.
  • As a frost Death Knight with average gear, this fight was fairly easy. I popped  Army of the Dead right when I entered the arena. I Used  Outbreak,  Howling Blast, and  Death Coil when available. I kept slowing him with chains of Ice and just stayed out of his melee range. If you need healing, summon your regular ghoul and use  Death Pact.
  • Most importantly do your best to stay out of range as much as you can.
  • As an Unholy Death Knight, I dropped  Death and Decay, cast  Icy Touch, and hit with  Death Coil, when it was up. Use  Dark Transformation when available and just kite around.



Kirrawk – Chicken man who poops tornadoes and throws lightning.   A tip from a Death Knight on wringing this guy’s neck:

  • Blood DK ILVL 482. Spec Build – 122111. Open with  Outbreak, watch for tornado and dodge accordingly. Go to the boss and  Death StrikeRune Strike. He doesn’t hit hard so  Lightning Bolts are a non-factor with high HP and  Mastery: Blood Shield. My mastery is currently 136% so my average 60k-70k  Death Strikes heal me for 25-40k and absorb over 120k of the next incoming damage. If you face the boss with your back perpendicular to the line of tornadoes (which I noticed were coming from the direction front to back of where the boss enters the arena) the tornado will hit both of you, causing minimal damage to you but keeping you in range to continue beating on the boss. Very easy fight, no cooldowns used, summoned a minion about midway through to speed up the dps and have an emergency death pact if necessary.



Fran and Riddoh – Two for one, and it certainly feels like it.  A tale of how a couple of Death Knights made this combat threesome work:

  •  I play a Blood Death Knight with a gear level of 475 (full gems and enchants). What I did was keep them both diseased with  Blood Plague and  Frost Fever. I brought the big guy down to 1M health, then switched to the little guy and took him to 200k, then switched back to the big guy, dropped him to about 100k, then killed the little guy, then the big one.
  • First of all BOTH of the bosses are attackable at all times, though you will want to kill Riddoh first IMHO. You can use AOE’s and spread diseases and if you do they will be easier to deal with overall.   When you move out of the minefield you will want to look for a gap, the mines are active immediately.  As an Unholy Death Knight, spread your diseases with  Pestilence and drop  Death and Decay. A  Blood Boil or two won’t hurt either. Otherwise a pretty simple fight.



King Kulaka – This big lizard is just a hockey fight.  Drop gloves, grab jersey, throw hands until someone drops.  Feedback from one Death Knight who dropped the King on its Head:

  • I defeated this as a Frost Death Knight, when I had about 485 item level. I just used  Army of the Dead,  Raise Dead,  Pillar of Frost,  Empower Rune Weapon, pre-potted a Strength potion and just killed him. Make sure you are talented into  Death Pact and use that when you get below 50% health. Also remember you can stun him ( Remorseless Winter,  Asphyxiate).  If you’ve done all that but you are still failing, I can only imagine that you’re very under-geared, in which case you could try going Blood.


That’s it for Rank Two.  One more rank to go before Clockem becomes yet another pet in the stable!

Wow.  Can't wait.

Wow. Can’t wait.

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  1. Connor Millsom

    Good luck with Clockem, can’t wait until you post rank three!

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