Brawler’s Guild – Rank One for Death Knights

Worth the beating?

Worth the beating?


When I was deep into my Pet Battle madness, I was tipped off to the existence of a mechanical gnome pet with spiked boxing gloves.  This vicious contraption was only available through the Brawler’s Guild at Rank 4.  This became my mission.  Clockem would be mine.

Numerous deathmurders later, I decided to look online for anything that could help me get through to Rank 4.  And since of course they would have it, brought the wisdom in a big bad way.  Following their guides, I was able to get myself to Rank 4 without too much of a problem.  There were occasional repeat beatings to my bloody torso, but in the end I peeled Clockem out of their cold dead hands and made him mine.

Thanks to, this is how I did it.  This is how you can do it too.


Rank One

Bruce – A giant gator. Not too tough if you’re paying attention.


Vian the Volatile – Caster dude.  A Death Knight tip for killing this schmuck:

  • Stood toe to toe and interrupted any cast I could. With Fire Line I just move out of the way. If health gets low move away and pop a potion or bandage to get it up enough to continue. Try to position the boss so he does not get hit by the orbs he has bouncing around the room and they miss you as well.


Goredome – He gores you with his dome. A Death Knight tip to cracking this dome:

  • Stand and fight, worry more about the circle on the ground for his charge than anything else. Even if you have a little low DPS you can take this out as long as you don’t get hit by the charge. When the circle is there GET OUT OF IT or you are dead.


Dungeon Master Vishas: Roll a d20 and hope for a crit against this uber nerd and boss mob for Rank One.  A couple of Death Knight tips for victory:

  • You can absorb the fire damage with your  Anti-Magic Shell, generating more and more Runic Power. In case you’re not sure, simply slow / root (depends if you have  Chilblains from your talents) during his buff. Oh, and it’s not dispellable with glyphed  Icy Touch(it is NOT a magic buff).
  • As Unholy Death Knight, get diseases on and kite around, cast  Icy Touch to build Runic Power and then hit with  Death Coil. Drop  Death and Decay whenever available. I do have the  Chilblains talent so Vishas was slowed a bit. Use  Outbreak to refresh diseases when they drop and use  Dark Transformation when available. I did this at about 450 ilvl and, though it was close, it was actually easier than with my warrior as I did not have to stay close.

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