The Fury Warrior in Patch 5.2

Anyone seen my chill pills?

Anyone seen my chill pills?

I’ve always been a fan of the Fury warrior.  Not so much for the play style, but more for what it represents as an ideal.  A Protection warrior is a guy who uses a sword and shield to defend himself, and those around him in a party and raid setting.  You’ve got the Arms warrior who can take a two handed weapon and kill with his superior weapon proficiency.  Nobody uses a weapon as effectively as it is in the hands an Arms warrior.

Then you’ve got the Fury warrior.  This is a dude who will grab two very large, very heavy things and beat the life out of you with them.  He doesn’t even care what is is he’s using as a weapon – swords, clubs, circus midgets, ponies.  Even the torsos from the last two things he killed.  A Fury warrior is a nuclear reactor of anger and rage, and the only way he can keep it from burning him alive is by venting his anger on the head and shoulders of anything stupid enough to get in front of him.

That’s a mindset I can embrace.  My therapist would disagree, but I offered to pull his tongue out for him if he kept flapping it.

MMO Melting Pot gave a quick and dirty breakdown on the Fury warrior in Patch 5.2 (HERE). Noxxic and Icy Veins also weighed in on the changes to the Fury Warrior in Patch 5.2 (HERE and HERE).  Torage, the quintessential Fury warrior released a video on the Fury warrior in the 5.2 era.  It is naturally worth a look.  Do so NAOW!

Find more of his awesome vids over on his Youtube channel located somewhere in the vicinity of HERE.

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