Mists of Pandaria Fast Leveling for 87-90

Speed kills.  Also makes you look funny.

Speed kills. Also makes you look funny.


With yet another Death Knight on the leveling trail, I wanted a break from the usual questing grind.  Sometimes a guy just wants to shut off his brain, put on some tunes or watch TV, and mindlessly grind some XP for a change of pace.  I haven’t tried this place yet, but it does appear to still be active. You need to be at a certain part of a quest to activate the area, but once you do you’re golden.  Make sure you have empty bags before you start.  I’ll comment more once I get to this point with my Death Knight, but if anyone has tried this spot recently please leave a comment below.

The video explains it well, but some perks of the zone include:

  • Roughly 13 Million XP in an hour, double that with Rested XP at level 87.
  • Quick respawn (which is always important for the good grinding spots)
  • Green drops, occasional blue drops, and chances for Motes of Harmony.

NOTE: You have to be at that part of the quest to activate the area.  Otherwise it won’t work.

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  1. What quest line is it? Where can you get it?

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