Mists of Pandaria Gold and Grinding Spot

The only time panda and grinding should be used in the same sentence.

The only time panda and grinding should be used in the same sentence.

I had started leveling a level 85 Death Knight, and managed to get through about fifteen minutes of questing before I just had to stop.  Once again, the same quests stared up at me and I could barely focus on them.  I needed something to bridge the gap between zone quests.  I began to look around on Youtube to see if there was anywhere a guy could just go and grind xp for awhile.    Youtube delivered, and after checking the location out in person I was happy to see that it was still working as of Patch 5.2 (which can’t be said for many grinding/gold spots on Youtube).  The place not only provided at good spot for rested XP at 85,  but the potential for decent drops.

The video below will explain what makes this place so great, but let me sum up some of the high points for you:

  • Level 86 mobs with only approx 100k health so they die pretty quickly.
  • Do not hit very hard at all.
  • VERY fast respawn rate.
  • Animals, so great for Skinners.
  • The meat sells, but it can be used to buy Ironpaw tokens which can be converted to high level cooking mats.  These sell better than the meats.

Now you really don’t need to watch the video I guess.  Unless, of course, you want to KNOW WHERE THIS SPOT IS!

So peep the vid.  Peep it!

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