Becoming Paris Hilton Rich

Paris Hilton doesn't use a bronzer when she tans.  She uses a golder.  She's that rich.

Paris Hilton doesn’t use a bronzer when she tans. She uses a golder.

Make 12,500 gold in  an HOUR!  Can you believe it?

Well, you shouldn’t.

Look on Youtube for WoW Gold Guides and you’ll find more positive results that Paris Hilton’s STD test.  Each video makes quite impressive claims of holding the secret to making thousands of gold per hour.  And who doesn’t like making money, am I right?  Bling bling and all that.

Here’s where your bubble takes a bursting.  The good news is that each video is right.  The bad news is that each video is also wrong.  I know, confusing.  It’s a contrast of terms, like Paris Hilton reading anything that doesn’t have pictures.

Fascinating.  Please tell me more.

Fascinating. Please tell me more.

It doesn’t matter which vid you peep, the content boils down to the same conclusion.  The cha-ching isn’t a guaranteed amount, calculated by how much gold drops in the zone/instance.  No, the big money comes from selling various drops on the Auction House.  Theoretically speaking, you could make the gold the videos claim if the drops sell for what they say.  But this is the Auction House we’re talking about.  WoW Economics 101 states that each server economy is different.  What sells for thousands on one server, sells for hundreds on another.

Here’s a prime example.

This video makes the claim that you can make 12,500 gold in an hour.  And, if you watch the vid and follow the math at the end of it, they’re right.  But (SPOILERS) this video boils down to roughly 100g in trash and coin drops, and the rest results in Auction House sales PER RUN.  To make serious gold, you have to run this instance multiple times per hour, and all the potential gold sales end up at about 12,500g.

Potential.  As in not guaranteed.

You mean I won't be rich?


Like I said earlier, you could make this much gold in theory.  Who knows, maybe the drops will sell for the projected amounts.  But that’s a damn bold statement, seeing as how the instance you’re running is from Wrath of the Lich King.  In the comments he mentions that the sales mostly come from profession mats and transmog gear, with some items being bought be levellers.

I’m actually curious to see how much gold can be made per run.  I may take my 90 DK and run it once, just to see what comes of it.  Other than (potential) mountains of gold, of course.

Check out the video and try it for yourself.  If you do, post your results in the comment section below and let’s see just what kinds of results we can get.

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  1. Not the most scientific research, but I ran HoL once, full clear. This is what I came up with:

    Length of run: 10 minutes
    Gold from Looting: 10g
    Gold from selling Junk: 32g
    Gold from selling BoP items: 46g
    Gold from selling Drops on AH: 395g
    Total: 483g x 6 = 2,898g per Hour

    Of course, selling the drops on the AH is server specific. Most of that was the selling of tradeskill mats and so on, and the price was set either according to undercutting existing prices or Vendor prices x 3.

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