Best Death Knight Professions in Patch 5.1

Seriously, this is about making gold in World of Warcraft?

Best Profession for any class – Pool Boy.

I have been embracing my self-appointed role of Death Knight fanboy to a disturbing degree as of late.  I’m levelling multiple DK’s, which means I’m not only a masochist, but I’m visiting the Noxxic website quite a bit.  Noxxic has some great class guides, which definitely helps me crank out every drop of awesome from my Death Knights without getting so frustrated that I start gargling drain cleaner.  Since I mostly run solo grinding/levelling encounters, I don’t really need to be all that cutting edge.  I can live with respectable.  I’ll check out specs and rotations so that while I might not be great, I’m good enough.

But ever since my Alliance DK became a member of the expensive and exclusive Brawler’s Guild, I thought I should tweak him as much as possible to avoid getting my ass handed to me by swamp donkeys like Bruce.

Don't let your first fight be your last.

I will use your head as a codpiece, gator.

Anyway, while giving the Noxxic site a good once over I noticed something I hadn’t seen before.  They have actually gone and recommended the best Profession for your class spec.  Now the concept of “best” is subjective, but so is getting your ass kicked when you don’t have to and therefore makes the section worth a look.  The Blood spec professions were no surprise, but what they suggest as professions for Frost and Unholy really surprised me.  I’m not sure if I’ll drop the gold to relearn my professions (unless I can use those professions to make my gold back), but here is what Noxxic recommends:

Blood Death Knight

Professions: Blacksmithing & Jewelcrafting.


Frost Death Knight & Unholy Death Knight

Professions: Engineering & Leatherworking.


  • Engineering has a sweet clickable buff with Synapse Spring.  Noxxic even provided a note to justify their selection:
  • Synapse Spring triggers the cooldown on On-Use trinkets. However, the spring still provides more value than any T14 On-Use trinket and is best used when combined with two “equip” trinkets.

  • Leatherworking was their second choice with a bracer buff Fur Lining – Strength.  A straight-up buff of +500 to Strength kicks all sorts of ass.

In conclusion, thanks for creating a potential new goldsink for me Noxxic.  Jerks.

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