Patch 5.1 Death Knight Pillow Talk

I usually don’t talk about my personal life on my blog.  I’m not a big fan of throwing myself a pity party.  Not this guy.  However, I have found that my RL news has been getting worse and worse since September (which is quickly becoming the worst autumn/winter of my entire Life).  I wish that was an exaggeration.  Hell, I’m not even going to the doctor for a checkup.  I’d just walk in and ask him to tell me what stage of Horrible Disease I am at.

To my credit, and the amazement of folks around me, I am maintaining my sanity.  At least, I think I am.  This conversation may or may not have  happened in some level of consciousness.

Oh this is starting well.

Me: Hey Jeeves.

Jeeves:  Slacker.

Me: Slacker?  What are you talking about?  I’m trying to study for tests that don’t even exist!

Jeeves:  Whatever.  You claim you  love Death Knights, correct?

Me:  They are pretty awesome.  I’ve mentioned that before.

Jeeves:  Then why have you not mentioned the Great Death Knight Nerf of Patch 5.1?

Me:  Two reasons.  Reason the First, I haven’t had time to read the patch notes.  Kinda busy with my nest of study notes here.  Reason the Second, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN NERF?

(Jeeves sandwiches my head between two small, yet powerful, metallic hands.)

Jeeves:  Calm down meatsack.  I have the notes here.  Read them and give me your thoughts.

Me: Fine.  Just let go of my skull.

(My head is released.  Jeeves hands me a parchment and I begin to scan.)

Me: You printed this off on parchment?

Jeeves: I like to show off.  Read.

(Scan… scan… scan…)

Me: Pandaren Campaign beings.  Great, more dailies I’ll never look at.

Jeeves:  You should look at the first one that will unlock your quest hub in Karasang.  It gives you a vendor that will allow you to buy an  ilevel 458 trinket immediately.

Me: Sweet.

(Scroll… scroll… scroll…)

Me: Okay, here we are.  Death Knight changes.  Says here that Death Strike  healing bonus when taking damage won’t count in PVP.


Me: … I don’t PVP.  I mean yeah, it sucks, but since it works the same in PVE I don’t think it’s going to affect folks too much.  It’s a kick in the fleshpouch if you’re a PVP DK, or even worse, Arena DK’s.  There just aren’t that many of the top 3v3 teams with Death Knights in them.  Sad, really.  It’d be great to have someone that the Arena kids could look up to.

Jeeves: What a humanitarian.

(Read.. read… rea…)

Me: Woah.  Here it is.  The saving grace of Patch 5.1!

Jeeves:  It’s the seeds isn


Jeeves: You need help.

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  1. I loved this. I’m an avid DK player, and I was a little upset when I found out that DKs were losing the vengeance buff in PvP, but I wasn’t surprised overall. It just means I have to roll another toon to PvP on now…

    • I don’t PVP, but I’m a fan of DK’s so it sucks when they reduce the viability of the class in any aspect of the game. It sounds like DK’s were once “Gods of the Arena” , but due to the loss of “Vengeance” there’s not much left but “Blood and Sand.”

      Spartacus for the win!

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