Farming Motes of Harmony as a Death Knight

Dark Knight, Death Knight… both are awesome.

Death Knights are OP.  There I said it.

I know, right?  What the Hell am I doing spilling the beans like that?  I like to think that I’m not.  I suspect people have always known that World of Warcraft’s first and only “Heroic” class has had more going for it than starting at level 55 and leaving their “starting” zone in full blue gear.

So what, you may ask, possessed me to drop this kind of knowledge on the Internet?

Gold, baby.  All about the bling bling

You got that right.

I have a level 85 Death knight that I wanted to do something with.  He has no other “feeder” toons to work with on the server he’s currently on, so this would be a solo gold making endeavour.  I’d done a little work with him in the past, so his professions were all up to par.  Going through his Blacksmithing I noticed he had the recipe for the Phantasmal Hammer.  These were powerful blue one-handed maces that were not only useable at level 85, but they were great for dual wielding melee DPS classes… like a DK for example.  The perfect weapon to start beating MoP mobs to death with.

There were none on sale on the AH. Perfect.  I decided to make my own and put ’em up on the auction house for a cool thousand gold plus.  The one catch?  Each mace needed two Spirits of Harmony.

Granted, you can farm these in places at level 85.  But the drop rates go up when you kill level 90 mobs.  And thus was my dilemma – play it safe and take a long time getting the motes I’d need for Spirits of Harmony, or get buck wild crazy and pick fights with mobs whose icons were red to me.

Death Knight.  Bring on the ’90s.

Using his epic land mount and Path of Frost, my DK made the trip over to the isle of Zan’vess, off the coast of  Dread Wastes.  With 85 green DPS gear and a Blood spec (not to mention a great deal of testicular fortitude), he pulled his first red 90.

Then his second.

Then two at once.

Then three at once.

It wasn’t long before he not only had his two Spirits of Harmony, but he dinged 86!    I will probably keep grinding there as long as I can.  The XP is tremendous, obviously, and I get Motes of Harmony.  Plus, it gives me a break from grinding the same quests over and over.  I’ve got another 85 that I’ll be levelling soonish, so I want to keep things fresh and interesting.

Honestly though, killing things five levels higher without tanking gear?  And multiple mobs at that?  Epic.

If you’re interested in this and other spots for farming Motes of Harmony, Faid from Clockwork Riot made this awesome video to help you with your Harmonic gathering needs.  Enjoy!

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