Making Gold in Mists of Pandaria

Tastes like Money.

I’m not what you’d call a professional gold maker.  That’s just not in my wheelhouse.  I will probably never reach gold cap because it takes far more time and effort than I am willing (or able) to give.

That being said, I do enjoy the challenge of making gold.  Mists of Pandaria offers quite a few gold sinks, so having coin in the pocket is what the kids call a Good Thing.  Since reaching 90, I’ve been able to do that on the regular, moving about 40k gold per week without spending hours farming or investing in the business of gold making.  This is just me playing normally, a couple of hours a day, doing what I do and making gold doing so.

This is how I do:

1) Dailies.  At level 90, each daily nets you a few silver under 20 gold each.  Between Golden Lotus, Tillers, and Klaxx… Klx… well you know, the bug people, you’re looking at twenty dailies without even trying.  And trust me, there’s more dailies you can do (Cloud Serpent, Anglers, etc).  While you rep up with these various factions, you can make 400-500 gold a day easy.

2) Blacksmithing.  I thought that the Ghost-Forged armor would be a nice starting set at 85, but those sales are practically nonexistent on my servers (yes, that’s multiple).  The Contender PVP armor at level 90 is a much better seller.  So are the various weapons that you get with Ghost Iron / Spirit of Harmony combines.  It took some time to get the recipes, but I can sell various pieces for 700-900 gold each.  Living Steel Belt Buckles can bring in some good coin as well, but people are not dropping the big money tagged on these things.  They take a Living Steel bar, and those aren’t cheap.

3)  Living Steel Bars. These aren’t cheap.  The Truegold of MoP, Living Steel is an Alchemy daily transmute.  The prices have been going down on these over the past week, but it’s still possible to turn a profit on them.

4) Cooking.  Who would have thought that a Continent filled with chubby Pandas would put such an emphasis on Cooking.  Luck for me, because people are leveling up their cooking and they need mats.  Farmed vegetables, Uncooked Meat, and Fish are the big gold makers.  People don’t want to waste their time farming (literally in some cases) so they’re willing to pay big money for the mats.  Out of all the professions over all my characters, the one that is making the most gold for me is FISHING.  Go figure.

What have YOU been doing to make gold in MoP?

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