Patch 5.0.4 Chaos

Panda Time is Chillaxing Time

MMO Champion wrote in a post that Patch 5.0.4 had just hit the PTR.  Most likely, this means the patch will be pushed to the live servers in 4-6 weeks.

Which also means that I’ll probably be done with WoW for awhile.

This is generally the exact opposite reaction of what most people will be doing.  There’s a great number of World of Warcraft players out there who are salivating at the thought of the upcoming changes.  The new hotness on the horizon, so to speak.  Entire classes are being revamped (hello Warlocks).  The talent system, glyphs, all being changed.  In many cases, people will have to go back to the drawing board and hit the learning curve to play their class with any degree of competency once again.

Now me, I’m not a numbers guy.  I sure as Hell don’t feel like sitting around in front of a targeting dummy to relearn what I’m supposed to be doing in the 5.0 era.  Greater minds than mine are looking forward to that sort of thing, and more power to them.  I’ve seen video footage from the beta regarding some of the upcoming class changes, and from what I can tell it’s not all that great news for my Frost Death Knight and my Warrior.  Hence, I am somewhat less than excited about the changes.

Of course, I understand that things change from the beta, to the PTR, and to the live servers.  But despite all the testing, major patches tend to bring major problems – from server issues to class bugs to general unbalance.  If I wanted to deal with that kind of disorganized mess, I wouldn’t have to log into an online video game that I’m paying to play.  I’d just leave my cave and step out into the sunlight.  It’s kinda like paying for a massage and expecting a happy ending, but getting a surprise Brazilian Wax instead.


I said rub and tug not AAAAAAHHHHH!

Personally, until the patch 5.0 dust settles, I’ll be keeping my head low and saving myself the headache until things sort themselves out.  What about you?  Are you looking forward to 5.0 going live?


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