Wild About Wildhammer

Craw MacGraw does not serve alcohol, and he calls himself a dwarf!  

Remember questing all the way through Twilight Highlands?  You don’t?  Congratulations, neither do most people!

Twilight Highlands was in such a bad place, leveling-wise.  You needed to run the first few quests so that you unlocked the portal back to your capital city.  After that, you were close enough to hitting 85 that you’d just run an instance or two to ding.  After that, there wasn’t much point in going further along any quest lines.

That is, of course, unless you knew what sweet rewards were waiting for you once you repped up.

Okay, maybe most of the rep stuff isn’t very sweet.  Let’s be real here – the only reason people rep up in Twilight Highlands is for the sweet Melee DPS head enchants, which you get at Revered (score!).  It’s also a Bind on Account enchant, so you only need one character to get it and send it to your alts (not the case with the previously mentioned Therazane rep, bastards – double score!).

But let’s see what we get if we take the time to rep up – starting Alliance-side with those zany, drunken, gryphon-loving madmen, the Wildhammer Clan!





Like I said, most people who grind this rep don’t need to go past Revered.  Still, if you’re that close to getting Exalted, what’s a little more abuse?  Besides, who doesn’t love a little Dwarven love?

Don’t answer that.  Or Google it.

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