I Am Now Excited for Mists of Pandaria

A few weeks ago I logged into the Mists of Pandaria beta for the first time and immediately ran to check out the new level 85 zone.  It looked… nice.  But pretty be damned, I was going to try my hand at some quests and some killing and see what was what in the new expansion.

However, after riding around for fifteen minutes and finding only one quest, I logged out and never went back.  I didn’t try to make a Panda, or even give the new starting zone a spin.  Not a speck of interest to be had at all.

That recently changed when I read that the Pandaren dances had gone live on the beta.  Normally such announcements don’t matter all that much to mel, but out of curiosity I thought I’d see what Blizzard had come up with for the Panda People.

They dropped this –

That looks so… familiar somehow.  Where have I seen that before?





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