Taking it to the Extremis

After finishing off the Tol Barad grind and, more importantly, landing the Spectral Wolf mount that is just the coolest, it was time for a bit of a break.  Vacation time, new faction and new server.  Time for the DK named Extremis to stretch his legs.  With some coin in his pocket, and mining that needed leveling, it was time to try and get some professions taken care of.  At level 75, I could 525 both his Mining and Blacksmithing.  The blue PVP gear always seemed to sell well, so being able to smith those pieces was the goal.

Unfortunately he was only level 73 when we started our grind.  But yesterday was a great day, especially for Achievements!

With a little more flying, and xp for Mining, Extremis will max out both professions before heading back to Northrend.  I haven’t decided if the Argent Tournament would be the way to go for leveling (and rep, and titles, and pets, and mounts), or if straight-up questing (quicker xp of course) will be the path to take. Any suggestions?

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