SWTOR – Force Choke Yourself


Coruscant.  Capital of the Galactic Republic.  The place makes me want to punch myself in the dick.

Seriously, there’s so much about Coruscant that frustrates me on every conceivable level, I want to force choke myself just to end the suffering.

  •  Too Damn Big:  Sweet Jesus, are you kidding me?  This has to be my number one frustration with this planet zone.  My Jedi hopped off the shuttle and just starts running.  And running.  And running.  And running.  And running.  Oh is that a quest guy – fuck that there’s more running to be done!  I’m (almost) sure it wasn’t a five minute run to the Senate Tower, but it felt like it.  I’m sure the Art People really got off on showing their scenery.  My suggestion:  just masturbate and same me some time.
  • WTF Quests:  Politics sucks.  When my Jedi breezed into town, it was because there were evil forces at work and my Jedi partner volunteered us to check it out.  Now he can’t throw a stick without dick smacking a Senator, former Senator, or some political Jagoff who has a useless quest for me that I take because I’m heading in that direction anyway.   Remember when I said this place was huge?  Yeah, well some of these quests involve backtracking, and fuck you for making me cover old ground for a quest.  Especially when that old ground is miles long.
  • Passport Revoked:  When I got off the transport and OMGWTFRUNFOREVER to the Senate Tower, I seemingly lost the ability to go back to the Fleet.  Which meant that things like the AH and trainers were lost to me.  Oh I hear stories about there being some on Coruscant, but you have to FIND them and did I mention the place is HUGE?  Now I’m told that I’m just dillusional and it is possible to fly back to the fleet.  Entirely possible.

The Jedi Marauder may get more playtime once my nerves calm.  Until then, Make Mine Sith.

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