How to DPS as an Arms Warrior in Patch 4.3

I currently don’t raid.  However, the Convert to Raid podcast is so good, I listen to it anyway.  You should too.

Anyways, the CtR crew had Torage on the show and I will pause for a moment to explain the significance of this.  Torage is a Fury Warrior guru.  He inspired me to keep rocking in the free world.

Torage has switched over to Arms.  *record scratch*

He explained that Fury is quite bursty, and somewhat dependant on the RNG.  You (and by you I mean Torage, ’cause I sure as Hell won’t be) could crank out 60k dps on one pull, and 20k on the next.  Subsequent patches have reduced the dual weilding bonus for Fury, to the point where Fury and Arms are mathematically doing about the same damage.  However, Arms can do it more consistantly.  Henceforth, it made sense to switch.

Torage then made a video to explain the transition, and to help folks out with making the most of Arms fighting.  I think you should watch it.

Seriously.  Watch the damn video.

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