Ask Jeeves – Engineering and Archaeology

I have been slack-assed as of late, and for that I apologize.  Not one, but TWO of the Ask Jeeves segments have gone by.  In the AIE Podcast #86, Jeeves and I discuss the merits of the Engineering Profession.  At the end of the segment, we announce a contest where the winner will receive a Mechano-Hog of their very own!

Man, it sure would have been sweet if someone would have blogged about that a few weeks ago.  That would have made for some killer blog content, don’t you think?

(Editor’s Note — This is the curse of doing anything during the holiday season other than eating, drinking, or opening presents.)

In the most recent AIE Podcast #87, Jeeves and I announced the winner of the Mechano-Hog and reviewed why someone might want to pursue the Archaeology profession (spoiler – they’re masochists!)

You can find the podcasts HERE!

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