The Incredible Hurc

Every now and then, I find myself in a position to offer advice to “casual” players, or even new players who are leveling up a character for the first time.  Much of the information I have to draw from, though, is either old memories from back in the day, or things I have read and researched.  It’s not fresh, firsthand experience, and there’s no substitute for firsthand experience.

I’ve decided that this is unacceptable and have chosen to re-experience the World (of Warcraft) once again.  I will be starting a new character and will not offer any kind of artificial leveling assistance.

Interesting.  What race/class will you be using?

I will be leveling a gnome warrior.

Jesus.  Really?  I get the warrior part, but gnome?  Really?

I picked the gnome race for three reasons.  First, because they have a very cool 2-handed weapon fight animation, and since he’s fighting (and not knitting) his way to level cap, that’s important.  Second, because gnome warriors are the only race/class combo with access to a weapon I want to use and then transmogrify.  And third, because fuck you that’s why.

And you’re not helping this gnome out in any way?  No feeder cash or heirlooms?

Any gold this character has, he will earn on his own.  That’s part of what I want to experience – gold making at low levels.  I want to see how much gold he can make without any sugar daddy fronting him spending money.  He’s got to be able to pay for all of his training, professions, and mounts on his own merits, just like any new player would have to do for their character.

And as far as heirloom items go, he won’t be getting anything to boost his xp.  Again, just like any player new to the game or new to the server, he’ll have to grind without xp gear.  However, he will receive one item – Reforged Truesilver Champion.

Aha!  Cheating!  I thought you said no heirlooms!

This goes back to the weapon I mentioned before – the one only gnome warriors can get.  It’s a reward from a quest in the gnome’s starting zone.

If I can’t play SWTOR, this is the next best thing.

This is why he will be allowed to use the heirloom 2-hander.  As soon as he can afford it, he can transmute the sword into the Light Sabre and use it all the way to level 80, maybe longer.

How do you plan on paying for transmogging, or anything for that matter?

Again, part of the process I want to test out.  But don’t worry.  I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve.

Do these tricks involve meeting characters in one of the rooms at the Goldshire Inn for a little   /kneel, /nod action?

Who says romance is dead?

Okay, I’ve got a few other tricks up my sleeve.  And I’ll share all of that as I go along.

And who is this gnomish stud you’re planning on unleashing upon the world?

 I thought long and hard about it, and came up with something original.  A name that reflects the epic journey I’m about to undertake.  I present to you, Hurc, the pound for pound champion of awesomeness!

Naked?  Really?

It’s how I roll both in and out of the game.   Besides, Hurc has no need for clothes.  At least, not yet.  He may relocate to warmer climates though, so that more people can bathe in his raw, unencumbered awesomeness.  Also, when you’re that short and naked, trudging through deep snow is a good way to freeze off your gnomeballs.

And so, the journey begins…

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