12 Days Of Winter Veil

I’ve listened to this thing about a dozen times, and that’s not counting video viewing.  Mad props to RevnGeek and the whole cast for putting this together!

Day 1: Choir
Day 2: Kevin-Host SuperNumberOne Podcast and @TheFourtree
Day 3: Zhug <AIE> Earthen Ring US-Host: Convert to Raid Podcast
Day 4: JohnnyFeisty <AIE> Earthen Ring US-Segment Producer: The Hunting Hunter
Day 5: Choir
Day 6: AcuZod <AIE> Earthen Ring US-Host: AIE Podcast, Segment Producer: Overly Dramatic News
Day 7: Hunts the Wind <AIE> Earthen Ring US-Correspondent: Overly Dramatic News
Day 8: RevnGeek <AIE> Earthen Ring US-Segment Producer: Real Azerothian Heroes, Real AIE Genius and Raising a Raider
Day 9: Alludra <AIE> Earthen Ring US-Segment Producer: Alludra’s Pet Guide and Mannerly Mage
Day 10: Ghomus <AIE> Earthen Ring US-Host: AIE Podcast
Day 11: Kephas <AIE> Earthen Ring US-Segment Producer: Mod Minute
Day 12: Scott Johnson <AIE> Earthen Ring US-Host The Instance Podcast

Spoken Voices:
Koltrane <AIE> Earthen Ring US-Host Convert to Raid Podcast
Solarflair <AIE> Earthen Ring US-Host Convert to Raid Podcast
Athaerick <AIE> Earthen Ring US-Host Convert to Raid Podcast
BooBear daughter of RevnGeek and Jindeson-Talent: Raising a Raider Segment
Zhug <AIE> Earthen Ring US-Host Convert to Raid Podcast
Kevin-Host SuperNumberOne Podcast and Rad Bear

Lurxx <Hysteria> Lightning’s Blade US
Altablast <AIE> Earthen Ring US
Jindeson <AIE> Earthen Ring US
HuntsTheWind <AIE> Earthen Ring US Overly Dramatic News Correspondent
Zhug <AIE> Earthen Ring US and Convert to Raid Podcast
RevnGeek <AIE> Earthen Ring US

Also, Ding 300 posts!

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