It’s All About The Purples

I guess I picked this Judgement armor because it looked like a super hero costume.  Like Spider-Man with knives on his shoulders.  But whatever, it’s Outland Heroic dungeons which means lockout, which means it takes some time to assemble the gear.

HeadMask of Penance (BoP from Mekgineer Steamrigger in Normal and Heroic Steamvault, at a 22% drop rate)
ShouldersJustice Bearer’s Pauldrons (BoP from Omor the Unscarred in Heroic Ramparts at a 16% drop rate)
ChestBreastplate of Many Graces (BoP from Grandmaster Vorpil in Normal and Heroic Shadow Labyrinth, at a 17% drop rate)
WristsVirtue Bearer’s Vambraces (BoP from Broggok in Heroic Blood Furnace, at a 20% drop rate)
GlovesLife Bearer’s Gauntlets (BoP from the Reinforced Fel Iron Chest in Heroic Ramparts, after defeating Nazan and Vazruden, at a 20% drop rate)
WaistGirdle of Many Blessings (BoP from Rokmar the Crackler in Heroic Slave Pens, at a 16% drop rate)
LegsCassock of the Loyal (BoP from Hungarfen in Heroic Underbog, at a 15% drop rate)
FeetBoots of the Watchful Heart (BoP from Captain Skarloc in Heroic Old Hillsbrad Foothills, at a 16% drop rate)

I have most of the visible stuff (if I get the legs/dress it will cover the feet, and the gauntlets cover the bracers) which has me pretty stoked.  Even though I admired the look in only his half-Judgement gear, it wasn’t until I transmogged his new swords that I notice how he’s rocking the color purple more than Oprah did –

Which works great for me since I like the color purple.  But then I swapped out the scorpion mount –

… and made a slight adjustment with his flying mount –

and what you end up with is what all the cool orcs are going to be wearing this year.

Edit:  Saturday, January 7 2012 I knocked another piece off the list:

LegsCassock of the Loyal (BoP from Hungarfen in Heroic Underbog, at a 15% drop rate)

Herc makes this look good.

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