Making Gold in WoW – Timeless Advice

Who doesn't want so much gold they can live in it?


Everyone who plays World of Warcraft wants to make gold.  Some folks just need enough cash to cover repairs, and others want to be millionaires.   While showering in gold might be nice (lol golden shower lol), let’s be realistic.  People who have huge sums of gold (100k or more) put in the time to make it.  They either made a little gold profit over a long period of time, or they spend alot to make alot in a shorter period of time.  I’ve listened to gold bloggers who are multiple 100k-aires, or millionaires, and they’re not playing the AH casually.

Bottom line: It takes research to know what you’re doing if you want to make gold, and not have to live online to do it.

Research starts and ends online, naturally.  There are gold blogs like Power Word: Gold, The Gold Queen, and Nerf Faids who offer excellent advice for making gold in World of Warcraft.  But some people are allergic to reading, and prefer to try their luck on Youtube.  The problem with Youtube videos when it comes to gold making, is that most of the videos are very dated.  I clicked on one that promised to show how to make 500g in five minutes.

“Fantastic,” says I, “for I would love to make that much gold in such a short amount of time!”

Ten seconds into the video, I realized it was telling me to fish volatile fire from Mt. Hyjal.  A good tip, and quite profitable back in January when the video was released.  However, these days you’re not going to sell volatile fire for 25 gold each.

Once in a while, you can stumble across a video that is applicable regardless of the date.  The video was actually in the side column with other videos that promised hundreds and thousand of gold in minutes.  This video stood out for two reasons:  they made no promise as to how much gold their advice could make for you, and the video thumbnail showed a real person rather than an in-game character.  A girl, none the less!

“Girls play WoW?  This must be some kind of marketing gimmick!”

There’s no gimmick here.  This is World of Warchat.

The face of Big Business in WoW.


As I watched her video, I wasn’t too surprised that she was telling me things that I already knew.  Basics, really, but you need the basics to build off of.  Plus, many new players might not have given these things too much thought (and they should).  These were tips that veteran players might overlook.  I found myself agreeing with everything she said, and the solid advice she gave works for Cataclysm, and will work for Mists of Pandaria as well.

I checked the posting date of the video:  December, 2010.  Her information was a year old, but more applicable than newer videos that focused on niche items.

Peep the vid, and don’t forget:  the basics always produce results.

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