Blizzcon 2011 – Day Two

I have to get some sleep, since I have to leave for the airport in two hours and I’ve got a long day of driving in front of me.

– Watched the Live Raid – Blood Legion vs Vodka.  Blood Legion won when Vodka wiped on Ragnaros at less than ten percent.  Blood Legion had Rag at 4% when Vodka wiped.

– Watched the 3V3 arena matches: Skillcapped pulled out from a 0-2 to win 3-2 and go to the finals, where they lost 3-2 to OMG.

– Missed the Open Q&A, but you can find it [HERE]

– Apologies for the poor update, but the arena matches really hooked me this year.  Also, I had to go shopping for a birthday present, then ship it home via UPS along with some of my swag.


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