Blizzcon 2011 – Day One

As to be expected, today was a big day.  Let’s get right to the highlights, shall we?

– Blizzard announces new WoW expansion, Mists of Pandaria.

– New playable race:  Pandaran, which can choose to join either the Alliance or the Horde after Level 10.  They can be any class except Death Knight (they weren’t around during the Wrath of the Lich King), Druid (Bear taking Bear form?),  Warlock (Zen Bears don’t conjure no demons), or Paladins .

–  New playable class:  Monk, available to all races except Goblins and Worgen.

– New level cap of 90.

– New zones:  Continent of Pandaria, which will have a city with an AH.

– Characters will automatically learn spells in the field, so no need to go back to the trainers except for changing skills.

– New Talent system.

– Pet Battle System:  Full-blown Pokemon setup.  You become a Master of your companion pets, level them up and have them battle other companion pets.  WoW Pokemon.

There’s more info to be found [HERE]

– Checked out the Costume contest.  Jay Mohr hosted, and was much funnier this year than last.  He probably wrote his own material this time.

– Costumes were great, aside from the Minecraft guy and a Night Elf wiping out on stage.  If fans are not going to be dissuaded from putting together big, bulky costumes that restricts their movement or vision, Blizzard needs to set up better stage ramps.

– The winner deserved to win:

Avery Faith, StarCraft II Adjutant

– When the dance portion of the contest started, I pulled the pin and went to play the starting zone of Mists of Pandaria.

– Played the Pandaran newbie zone.  Got my Panda Monk up to 6 before my time ran out.

– Picked up some vittles on the way back to the room.  Decided to lay down before going to the Twisted Nether meetup.

– Fell asleep.  Woke up and checked the live stream, just to see  them drawing the raffle prizes.  Missed the one event I’d been looking forward to.

Thoughts on Day One?

Blizzard wanted the next expansion to have a lighter feel.  It’d been pretty heavy over the past few expansions, fighting one Big Bad after another.  Some people are going to either love MoP, or they’ll hate it.  I’ve already seen people ragging on the new race (Kung Fu Panda lol) and the Pet Battles (Pokemon lol).  I think it’ll be fine, and I’m going to get it regardless.  I might not play a Pandaran myself, but I don’t care one way or the other.

I didn’t have to wait in line this morning.  I got there a little after 9am and they let us right in.  Maybe they opened the doors even earlier because it was cloudy and looked like rain.  I approve in any case.

This evening sucked balls.  Sleep sucks.  I am so pissed off.


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  1. Good god, I thought Mists of Pandaria was a joke but it’s not. WoW could’ve atleast killed itself with some dignity.

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