Fury Warrior DPS Guide For Patch 4.2

The Fury Warrior – Patch 4.2
by Rhony of Ensidia

I know, I know. Patch 4.2 has been out for awhile now, so why am I posting this so late? For starters, there weren’t many changes for the Fury Warrior in patch 4.2 that needed to be documented. In fact, the only changes that affected Fury Warriors were that Dual Wield Specialization weapon damage increase had been lowered to 5%, down from 10%, and Retaliation, Recklessness and Shield Wall no longer had stance requirements.

With that out of the way, and since Rhony’s guide was still applicable, I decided not to reinvent the wheel. You can view Rhony’s original post HERE.

If you’re an end-game raider, you should be reading Manaflask’s Class Guides for Patch 4.2 anyway, found right over HERE. But since you’re here already, you can totally hang out here and read the post. I don’t mind at all.  

1. Talents
The staple PvE fury spec:

Piercing Howl and 1/2 Rude Interruptioncan be used if your guild requires you to help on add kiting on certain encounters.

When it comes to prime glyphs there isn’t really much choice. As for the major and minor glyphs, it is up to personal preference or raid composition. For example: Glyph of Colossus Smash should be used whenever you are on Sunder duty.

Single-Minded Fury or Titan’s Grip?

Theoretically, SMF can result to slightly higher DPS than TG and provide steadier rage generation given equal quality gear. This is only true however for single target encounters. The playstyle of TG/SMF is very similar – the only thing that changes is that Slam takes priority over Raging Blow when you are playing SMF. Use whichever one you prefer or pick your 31-pointer depending on your weapons. One-handers with desirable stats like Lava Spine (Magmaw) tend to drop earlier in the progression path than 2-handers.
2. Playstyle
Bloodthirst is your main attack and should be used every other GCD. Other abilities should be used as fillers in between Bloodthirst hits. It is absolutely vital to hit Bloodthirst every 3 seconds as it is your most damaging attack and scales the most with your gear.
Your rotation isn’t really a rotation but a priority list. Many random procs influence the order on which abilities should be used. A basic priority list looks like this:
CS > BT > RB > Slam
Additional things to consider

  • Colossus Smash is the only ability that should take priority over Bloodthirst.
  • Bloodsurge makes your Slams instant and free of rage which should be prioritized in low rage situations (<20) as opposed to spamming RB and waiting for the next autoattack to hit.
  • Raging Blow can only be used while enraged so in some cases (such as when you’ve already hit BT but you cannot use RB or Slam for the next GCD) it could be beneficial to keep Berserker Rage free as an RB enabler. In raid damage heavy encounters Berserker Rage should be used on cooldown or when you know you are going to be receiving heavy damage.
  • Heroic Strike should only be used as a rage dump when you have over 70-80 rage. If Incite or Colossus Smash is up HS should be used more generously (>50 rage). If Battle Trance is up HS should be used instantly. This can be quite tricky to pull off if you are button spammer since any other ability will use up the Battle Trance buff.
  • Death Wish & Recklessness usage depends on the encounter and using both in sync is preferred. Other than that Death Wish should be used on cooldown if you know you are going to be in melee for the next half minute. It can also be beneficial to delay both for a few seconds to combine them with Bloodlust.
  • Inner Rage should be used during DW/Recklessness/Bloodlust or whenever your rage generation is high. Be careful though: it is not hard to blow all your rage within 3 seconds and then stall on the next instant ability.
  • Battle Shout is a GCD filler for when RB, Slam, Berserker Rage can’t be used. You can use the extra rage to hit a Heroic Strike immediately if your rage is high enough.
  • Whirlwind is the dead last option! It does not hit as hard as it used to. Use it on the rare occasion that you are glowing red with 100 rage and have used all of the above abilities.

Execute phase

The idea here is to keep up 5 Executioner stacks and keep using your normal ability priorities afterwards, only using Execute to refresh Executioner or burn off excess rage.

Colossus Smash still takes priority over all other abilities. Heroic Strike should not be used in this phase.
Cleave and Whirlwind are your friends. Cleave should take priority over WW when there are less than 4 targets around. Burn off excess rage on Bloodthirsts which will allow for free Slams (Bloodsurge) and Cleaves (Battle Trance). Don’t forget to Inner Rage as much as you can. In many cases when there is a lot of aoe damage incoming Berseker Rage and Inner Rage will provide a huge dps boost.

3. Itemization

The stat priorities are as follows:
STR > 8% Hit > 26 Expertise > Crit > Hit, Mastery, Haste
Strength is the the best stat by a large margin, while Crit is currently the best secondary stat.
Encounters with short bursts of damage tend to favor Mastery more. However, on average, the tertiary stat priorities are as follows:
TG: Hit > Mastery > Haste
SMF: Hit > Haste > Mastery
Use the above priorities to determine your reforging. Items with no Crit should always have their highest stat reforged to Crit.
Blue sockets with 10 Str bonus or more: 20 Str / 20 Hit
Yellow sockets with 10 Str bonus or more: 20 Str / 20 Crit
Rest: 40 Str
Best-in-slot gear
(Coming when chardev adds 4.2 items in their database)
If you are going all-out-dps, Golemblood Potion must be used a few seconds before your tank pulls the boss. It is standard practice to use it again along with Death Wish/Recklessness in order to increase its effect.
On certain encounters – especially if your guild is working on them – with heavy magic raid damage like Al’akir Prismatic Elixir / Elixir of the Cobra will reduce incoming damage by a noticeable amount.
There is no single “warrior profession” although many would argue that Blacksmithing is the iconic warrior profession. With Blizzard’s determination to normalize all extra buffs gained by professions all non-gathering professions are viable. With that said there are a couple of Alchemy-only items (Lifebound Alchemist Stone / Volatile Alchemist Stone) which are useful in entry-level raiding. One could also choose Engineering for the BoP plate helms (Reinforced Bio-Optic Killshades).
4. Addons & Macros
Keeping track of procs and buffs such as Bloodsurge, Enrage, Battle Trance, Executioner, Incite as well as debuffs like Demoralizing Shout and Thunderclap is vital. There are many addons one might use for that purpose. For example:
The default unit frames are lacking. Shadowed Unit Frames takes care of that.
If you’d like more control over your UI and want to maximize screen real estate Bartender4 is highly customizable.
Don’t forget to move away out the fire: BigWigs.
ErrorFilter can get rid of the annoying red text if you like to spam your keyboard buttons.
As a warrior your only aggro wipe is called Soulstone or Rebirth so you’d want to use Omen.
Damage meter: Skada
Cast bar: Quartz
Nameplates: Tidy Plates
Tooltips: TipTac
For Macros, or to check for more updates, I suggest you check out the original post (which I was nice enough to link a couple of times at the top of the post. Seriously, don’t look for it here. I’m not linking it again. Just scroll up you lazy bastard.)

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