SWTOR – Sith Inquisitor Class Preview

Would you buy a car from this guy? I wouldn’t buy poison, let alone a car, from him.

Not all bad boys are cool.

Bioware just dropped another class preview on us – the Sith Inquisitor.  Judging by the video, these asses of badness tend to be more along the lines of a subtle flavor of killing as Assassins or Sorcerer types.

It’s easy to hate an Inquisitor because we know people like this in our everyday lives.  These are the special breed of bastard who hover around the water cooler at work, quietly spreading rumors about how Joe gave the new temp Stacy crabs after a round of clumsy bumping of uglies in the storage closet just down the hallway from the Boss, which results in Stacy being fired (she screwed up the coffee order for the last time!) and Joe being demoted and the Inquisitor gets Joe’s cubicle which is what they wanted because it has a better view and OH HOW I HATE PEOPLE LIKE THIS!!!

I would totally play the class though.  Gotta respect the ruthless.

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