SWTOR – Sith Warrior Progression

Some of you might be confused by this post (and by some of you, I mean the three people who actually read my blog – thanks for stopping by Mom!)  This is a World of Warcraft Blog!  SWTOR doesn’t sound like a World of Warcraft thingie!

Excellent deduction.  Star Wars: The Old Republic is the upcoming MMORPG (again with the acronyms) from Bioware, and since it may very well be the game to take me away from WoW, I thought I would share some of the development videos as they come out.

There’s been a few trailer videos already (you can peep them HERE ), but the latest one involves the character progression of the Sith Warrior class.  Or as I like to call it, the Fury Warrior of Star Wars.

Sexy, no?  I thought so too.  Watch and enjoy.

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