Superman is a WoW Addict

Have you heard that they’re rebooting/revamping/recycling the Superman franchise again?

Yeah, I didn’t care that much either. That is, until I learned that Henry Cavill, the dude what will be portraying the new Man of Steel, really loves him some World of Warcraft.

My thoughts on this video:

  • Raychul? Really? What a unique snowflake to have such an original name. Either that, or she was named by a Kindergarten class.
  • Cavill is honest. He doesn’t try to grab “geek cred” by saying he’s a comic book fan. Dude went to a boarding school, but doesn’t come off as pretentious at all. Seems like a decent guy.
  • Jesus Raychul. Not only does she almost pull out the “CaTACKaclysm” boner, but she deftly recovers and refers to the expansion by it’s correct name, “Catalysm”. You have done, and your parents, proud.
  • Cavill swoops in and saves the day when he corrects poor Raychul on her pronunciation of “Cataclysm”, THEN shakes her hand after the interview wraps up.


Superman, you’re my hero.

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