Cataclysm Pre-Raid Gear For DPS Plate

This isn’t exactly a recent list. In fact, this is information I found in an article written back in December of ’10 by Daniel Whitcomb over at WoW Insider. Back then, his article was strictly Death Knight DPS gear. However, once you take a look at it, it’s also applicable to Fury Warriors and Arms Warriors as well. It probably helps Paladins, but screw those guys. If you want more explanation on the reasoning behind some of these items, check out Daniel’s column. I just stripped it down to the raw data because, let’s face it, I’m probably the only one reading this anyway. However, if you are not me and somehow stumbled across this list then

a) Welcome, and

b) ‘Sup.

Are there items that could be added to this list? Probably. For someone who made it through regular instances and wants to get their feet wet in raiding, or just looking for a starting point once they hit Heroics, you could do worse than this list.

So read it. Unless you’re a Paladin, in which case, pound sand.


Metagem: Chaotic Shadowspirit Diamond













Two-handed weapons

One-handed weapons

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  1. Why wouldn’t Might of the Ocean be any good for this?

  2. Might of the Ocean (Heroic) could very well be plugged in if you needed extra hit. Right Eye has a better drop rate (20% compared to 11%), and the proc rate was raised from 30% to 50% which would grant a higher Strength buff. It just seems to be a little easier to get that trinket. But Might of the Ocean is also very good.

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