You Mad Bro?

This isn’t exactly World of Warcraft related.  However, it is something the majority of WoW players could relate to.  Also, it’s pretty funny.  As gamers, we’ve all been where Mister LtMkilla is at in this video – so unbelievably frustrated at some aspect of a game that just seems completely impossible to deal with.   It’s like running Heroics with a group of mouth-breathers who keyboard turn with their faces, for example.  Like I said, the content of the clip might not be WoW-related, but the rage and frustration sure as Hell can be.

Enjoy, and relish the fact that it isn’t you… but it’s probably what you sound like sometimes.  And by sometimes I mean quite often.  You seem like the angry type.

Yes I’m judging you.  Shut up and watch the video.

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