Making Gold In Cataclysm

… and on the First Day, he got up too damn early and began Mining.

Tuesday morning I was up just after 5am server time, took my sole 80 character who still had some form of gathering profession, and started farming mats. I knew there would be people who’d be trying to get realm first and would probably end up buying mats off the AH at some point. Therefore, I tried to fill the impending demand.

Did it work? Let me put it this way. I spent about 5000gp buying the 310 flying, as well as Old World flying. I saw it as an investment. After roughly two hours of farming over the past two days, I made that money back plus a little extra. The demand is starting to slow a little, but it’s still going to be worth farming for the next couple of weeks.

Mining & Herbalism

Mt Hyjal (425 – 475)

Deepholm (475 – 525 & Lv 82)

Pretty straight forward. Deepholm has quite a bit of Elementium, but you need to be level 82 to get the quest to enter the zone. The maps were pulled from the Mining section at WoW Professions, but the Herbalism path is the same. In fact, there isn’t really an Herbalism path for Deepholm. But if you happen to have a character with both gathering professions on him, you could easily kill two birds with one stone.

An extra tip with Mining – check the prices between ores and bars. People are sometimes in such a hurry to post ore, that they don’t check the price to see if it would be worth it to smelt the ore into bars. Take that extra second and make some extra gold!

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