Blue Posters Are Just Like You

Kind of a lazy World of Warcraft morning for anyone who isn’t Blizzard.  Extended patch Tuesdays can be like that.  With Blizz ripping apart Azeroth, I suspect that “extended” patch will be extended even further.  Hope you got everything done in the Old World.

Blue Poster Zarhym did, but just barely –

Incidentally getting Tripping the Rifts three minutes before shutdown. I’m a procrastinator. 😀

Oh Zarhym.

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  1. Blue posters are not just like us. They are against us. They think they are better than any customer.

    If you knew how many accounts these elitist jerks have screwed with and laughed about openly in their little cubicles, you wouldn’t post this stuff.

    It has turned into one big, dangerous clique in that place. Ask around.

    Screw Zarhym. I quit. I no longer have to put up with his elitist crap that Morhaime is ignorant to.

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