BRB – Books R Bad

I survived Blizzcon.

Real quick, I’ll be putting out a more extensive post regarding my thoughts on, and experiences regarding, Blizzcon 2010.  But the day after I got back from ‘Con, I started a new eight-week training program with an instructor who apparently delights in giveing many tests.  The material is dry like dust, so it’s taking all my focus just to hit the books every night (especially with the Warlock changes – so coooool…)

But yes, I survived Blizzcon.  I had no organs cut out.  And maybe, just maybe, I’ll make one of the next posts really special-like by throwing in a contest for a TCG Loot Card code!  That’s right, the man who brought you the Baelgun Lottery just can’t stop giving!

This is Herculano.

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