Blizzard Keeps Us Guessing

You just can’t believe what you read on the Internet.

Imagine my shock and dismay when I read that BB over at MMO Champion had changed his Cataclysm release date prediction.  While he has never come out and said he has an “insider source”, it’s pretty obvious he does.  If he didn’t, the most logical explanation would be that he had his own Psychic Hotline and would probably be pocketing millions through lottery winnings and sports betting. Psychic Cat says -There’s either a large dragon in your future or your mama needs to lose a few pounds.

Cataclysm’s new Release Date: Early December (Dec 7 or 14).

The new release date is just vague enough to come off as more of a prediction, which is probably why he labeled his post as (Not Official), as if any of his information is (Official).  It still looks like the expansion will be out in time for the Christmas rush, which means I know what I’m putting on my Christmas list.

Like I’d wait for Christmas to get the expansion.

After playing mischief with the release calendar, Blizzard decided to mess with us a little more.  They decided that the citizens of Azeroth were looking a little on the husky fat side and that they needed to get some much-needed exercise.  Therefore, the Faction Capital portals in both Dalaran and Shattrath will disappear in Cataclysm.  No more free rides for the homesick, says Blizz.  But to show they’re not completely without sympathy (when it comes to fat characters, at least), the portals will be replaced by Class Trainers and Auctioneers.

This makes no sense.  Class Trainers and Auctioneers are the two main reasons people would go to the Faction Capitals anyway.  Put those in Dalaran and Shattrath, and people still have no reason to leave.  Good thinking Blizzard!

I’ve got everything I need right here.

This is Herculano, getting his exercise the old-fashioned way:  Cheeto Curls!

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