Archaeology – Can You Dig It?

Ever since Archaeology was announced as a new secondary talent at Blizzcon, people weren’t exactly sure what to make of it.  There wasn’t much announced, except that you would be able to dig up things that would both enhance the game’s lore and maybe give the character something nice.  It wasn’t met with the OMG DANCE STUDIO level of enthusiasm, but it was something people had been curious about.  Fast forward to this week, and you really get the vibe that Blizzard wants this profession to be the new hotness.  You know how I know that Blizzard wants it to be cooler than the other side of the pillow?  Well for starters, your Archaeology Trainer is none other than Harrison Jones.

Recently, Ghostcrawler posted more information regarding the profession but here’s a few things you should probably know.

Prep Work: Since you can’t powerlevel Archaeology, you might think there’s nothing you can do to prepare yourself for training.  Not true.  For starters, invest the 250gp for Old World Flying.  There will only be four dig sites per continent at any one time, and you will see them on your Main Map rather than your mini-map.  Naturally there’s a whole lot of area to cover, so Flying will be your best friend.  In fact, break open the piggy bank and cough up the extra 5000 gp and get your 310 Flying as well, you cheapskate.

Getting Your Hands Dirty: Unlike gathering nodes, dig sites will be able to be used by multiple characters at once.  It’s like pools of fish, but on land.  At least, I assume it will be on land.  Aquatic dig sites probably aren’t out of the realm of possibility though.   You’re going to have to get out there and scout out the location vis Surveying.  I can’t imagine someone skilling up Archaeology on a PVP Realm.

I can.

Ancient Goodies: Now that you’ve flown into some dirty hole in the middle of nowhere (or even worse, Ironforge), fought off a host a evil-doers who want nothing more than to snatch whatever it is that you dig up, and made your escape, it’s time to see what you came out with.

– Lore:  Oooooo.  Moving on.
– Vanity Pets:  A crawling hand, a Gnome-Bot, and a bony hatchling.
– Mounts: A large bony hatchling and a Silith… Sithil… a big bug.
– Epics:  These will be epic level gear that, while not heirloom items, will be Bind on Account.
(Link HERE)

TotalBiscuit offered up a video which explains exactly how Archaeology works.

Not a bad way to get someone to pick up the profession.  Sure beats the Hell out of fishing up a Turtle Mount or a Lobster with attitude.

This is Herculano, the future Raider of the Lost Tomb Raider dude.

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