Going Rogue as a Warlock – Low Level Gold Tips

There have been many Warlocks who have attempted to join Team Herc.  Sadly, for all their potential and for all the gold I’ve sunk into them, they’ve never gotten past level 19.  Never.  That’s frustrating.  So when Terrasque came to me, hoping to join up as an Alternate, I gave him this ultimatum – Do it all on your own.  Level your own professions, earn your own gold.  There will be no help as far as Heirloom items or starter cash.  Not even bags would be offered up.  To further the handcuffs, he had to take professions not already available on the Team.  As a caster, Tailoring would help him to gear himself up and make his own bags.  Enchanting would assist with the obvious enchants, as well as making gold via Disenchanting quest greens.

Terrasque started right out of the gate knowing he wanted to get his Imp as fast as possible.  He ran a couple of quests, killed some boars, then sold every stitch of clothing he had on him.  In short order, he increased his DPS with the introduction of the Imp to his arsenal.  He is currently level 12, with almost 2o gold to his name.

How did he earn his gold so quickly, and without any feeder funds?

– Chunks of Boar Meat:  these sell quite well on the AH.  People use these to level up their cooking, and for an Orc there’s no shortage of boars to be killed.

– Bags: Through Tailoring, and the killing of many humanoid mobs for their linen cloth, it doesn’t take long to level up to the point where a person can make bags.  Newbies need them, and for people without a big bank roll they’ll take what they can get.

– Enchanting:  This was a tip I picked up from Markco of Just My Two Copper fame.  Go to the Enchanting trainer and check out the Enchanting Supplier.  Buy all the limited mats and recipes and put those up on the AH.

– Pets:  Also a tip from Markco, find whatever pets are being sold locally (ex. the Snakes in Orgrimmar) and put those up on the AH.

– Wands:  A decent way to skill up the Enchanting, create some Wands and put a few up on the AH.  Lowbies always need wands.

Now Terrasque is stting at level 12, wearing clothes he’s made, and heading to the Undercity to grind there for awhile and avoid the Barrens.

The dry heat is bad for our skin.

This is Herculano, telling you there’s no reason to ever beg for gold at any level.  Get off your butt and earn your own.

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