Blog Go Boom

Sometimes, when you put a meathead in front of a keyboard, less than good things tend to happen.

Say, for example, the goon decides his blog format looks a little stale and he starts looking through templates.  He wants to check out a few before he heads out for the morning.  As luck would have it, he finds one that he likes – a nice two column job, plenty of custom settings for tweaking.  He previews it, and then accidentally activates it.

The end result is a semi-constructed blog that needs work, which the bone head doesn’t currently have.


So for both of my readers (Ma and Joey the Bookie, probably), bear with the look until I can spend a few minutes setting things up properly.

Silver lining is that there’s a slideshow option.  Maybe I should get some Hercu-art commissioned from Cadistra/Kelly over at WoW Eh.  Gotta support my countryman… er, woman.

This is Herculano, slowly backing away from the keyboard before I do any more damage.

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