The Baelgun Lottery

I’m giving away 1000 gold to someone on the Baelgun server.  Questions?

Q: So you’re just giving away one thousand gold?  Just like that?

A: Yes.  I have a character on Baelgun that has one thousand gold.  I’m deleting the character and though I’d give the gold away.

Q: You are both glorious and insane.  What’s the catch?

A: No catch.  If you have a character on Baelgun and would like a shot at the gold, just leave a comment on this post.   I’ll be making a random draw of the commenters and the winner of the draw gets the gold.

Q: Magnificent.  But what of faction?  WHAT?

A: This is open to both Alliance and Horde.

Q: Is there any kind of level restriction?

A: Of course not.  Whether you’re a level 80 swimming in epics, a level 1 bank alt, or somewhere in between, everyone is eligible.  Just be on Baelgun.  That’s it.

Q: What generosity.  A statue should be raised in your honor!

A: Just make sure to get my good side.  Wait, I don’t have a good side.  Never mind.

Q: How long do I have to enter?

A: Deadline is July 31, 6pm CST.  The draw will happen shortly thereafter, and the winner will be posted on the blog.  I’ll email the winner (if possible) and tweet when the winner is drawn, so –

Q:  Tweet?  You are a bird now?

A:  Zip it.  I’ll put out a Twitter post when the winner is drawn.

This is Herc the Merc, showing you the money.  Good luck to all you Baelgunnians!

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  1. Can I has your stuff?

  2. Hey i’d like to get your gold. The above email is also my RealID. Feel free to add it. (

  3. Give me your 1000G and I’ll give it back if you stay!

  4. Only three responses? Wow..looks like I got a good shot! I could really use the gold too. Crossing fingers! 🙂

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