Technical Difficulties Suck

Not.  Impressed.

Two weeks ago, there was some “household restructuring” and my office was moved to another room.  What I have finally figured out is that, despite being closer to the wireless router, the single wall between the computer and the router is preventing an adequately powerful signal from getting through.  This means that if I have Youtube loading in the background while I’m in-game, I will be disconnected from the server.  Even if I don’t have anything running in the background, I’ll still be dealing with a latency in the thousands.

To prove that this was the problem, I ran a twenty-five foot cord from the router in the living room, across the hallway, into the “office”, and finally to my computer.  It looked like Hell, but I hoped that I would be able to have more than one streaming function running on the computer at a time.

Not that kind of streaming function.

After informing everyone in the house that there was a cord running across the hallway, it was necessary for SCIENCE, and it wasn’t some kind of booby-trap, I taped it to the floor and began running tests to make sure I had pinpointed the latency issue.  Still, within thirty minutes the tape was torn and the cord was flopping in the hallway.  I couldn’t believe it.  The twitch came to my eye, but I threw myself into my testing and concluded that the issue was, in fact, the air between the router and the computer.  In the old office, I had no problem.  Now, the problem found me.

The solution will be to move the router to my office,  where it is closer to Mrs Herc’s computer.   However, doing this will involvee routing wires through floor vents.  This becomes a cramp in my sphincter because the house’s designer was a structural sadist who did his best to make sure future owners would be royally screwed if they wanted to make ANY kind of modifications, including running a twenty-five foot cord from one room to another.

You mad, bro?

I’ve been able to take care of some Azerothian business amidst all my disconnects, but I just wanted to post this  so that the two people who read my blog (and one of them is probably my cat) know why I’ve been posting so infrequently lately.  Hopefully the connection issue will be solved and all will be well soon.

Or I will snap and bury the computer in the backyard.


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