Blizzcon 2010 Tickets

Tickets went on sale tonight at 9pm Central.  After an evening at the gym, followed by a few errands, I’d burned up enough time to be within striking distance of Ticket Time.

8:35 – I sit down at the computer and navigate to the screen where I will be buying tickets.  I go through my account to make sure all my information is up to date.  I decide that I can’t stare at the computer for twenty-five minutes or I just may go mad.  Maybe a quick shower and shave would help pass the time.  At the very least, it’ll hose off the remaining gym grime.  Yuck.

8:51 – Having completed the face-shaving portion of my cleansing ritual, I poke my head out of the shower to make sure I have time to complete the head-shaving job.  With only nine minutes to go, and shaving cream running into my eyes (and you thought shampoo burned), I decide not to tempt Fate.  I hop out of the shower and wipe off the remaining foam.  My head looks like some kind of fraternity prank.

8:56 – I commence with the pressing of F5.

8:57 – F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5

8:58 – I suspect that somewhere on my keyboard is a magic button that will get me to the front of the queue.  I cannot afford these sorts of distractions, and the message on the screen mocks me that the tickets are “not yet available”.

8:59 – I press F5 OMG SNUCK IN *click*

(Currently in Queue)

Wait, I was going to get two tickets!  I only ordered one!  Damn my spastic clicking habit!

(Position: 8337 –  Estimated time: 1 hour)

Well it’s better than last year.  Maybe that half-second that I saved by not clicking on the drop-down menu will get me to Blizzcon!

9:03 – Position: 7696, 86% of stock left.  Plenty of tickets yet.  I feel strongly about my chances of getting a ticket.

9:08 – Position: 6918,  71% of stock left.  Strength wavering slightly.  I decide to go watch the hockey game to pass the time.  Wonderful idea lasts all of two minutes before I get up, grab a beer, and return to the computer.

9:17 – Position: 5442, 36% of stock left.  What the Hell?  Everybody must be buying the max number of tickets per click to go down that quickly.  My strenght fades, and I hope for a fluke to get in this time around.

9:19 –  Position: 5157, 30% of stock left.  The feeling of dread has set in, and my odds are not looking so good.   Three thousand people bought tickets so far, and that was 70% of the tickets available.  Basic math is telling me the odds are not in my favor.  Still, I wait for the inevitable.

9:25 – At Position: 4494 in queue when the axe comes down.  Tickets are now Sold Out.

9:27 – Blizzcon 2010 tickets are on sale on Ebay.  The prices range from $350 to $618 per ticket.  I want to force-feed my monitor to these people, and not through their mouthes.

Even worse, I will be AFK on Saturday.  Therefore it looks like Blizzcon 2010 will be Herc-free this year.

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