Shared Topic – Preparing for the End

by Jakob Montrasio

This is the end, my friends.

The latest Shared Topic over on Blog Azeroth (Suggested by Nexdominus) asks the question: What are you doing, if anything, to get ready for Cataclysm?

At first, I didn’t think I was doing anything special.  Just another expansion, right?  Class revamps and some new zones, not to mention the increase in the level cap.  I’m sure my initial focus is going to be relearning and respeccing my class, living without Armor Pen, and not so much what I’m going to be calling my new Goblin.

These pumpkin bombs aren’t going to throw themselves.

After giving it some thought, I suppose there are two things that I’ll be trying to do before Cataclysm.  I’d be doing them even if there wasn’t an expansion on the distant (or not too distant) horizon, but there will definitely be some benefit in doing them now.

  • World Explorer:  As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve gotten the bug to complete the World Explorer achievement.  That’s all it was at first, a bug.  An annoying little gnat that irritated me to the point where, now that I’ve started by exploring all of Northrend, I might as well scour the entire Azerothian globe and let the World know that Herc Was Here.  Of course, since most of that world will look quite a bit different come Cataclysm, I would advise anyone with any level of attachment to the game to at least give it a try.  Explore the Old World, because Kansas is going bye-bye.

All this AND Stormwind gets blown to bits?  I love it!

  • Money:  I’ve always enjoyed playing the Auction House.  It just so happens that I’ve now been motivated to bring in the serious cash (I blame the podcast Castaclysm, as well as Markco’s shenanigans).  With gold comes the ability to do other things, such as level professions, buy twink gear for new alts if I feel so inclined, re-gem and re-spec as needed.  Cash will give me the flexibility to get what I need to hit the ground running, and maybe treat myself to some frivolous items.  Something like one of those Tundra Mammoths, because when Herc hits the scene you know it has to be on the back of a big, hairy elephant.  I’m crazy like that.

It holds everything but your dignity.

That’s about it.  I won’t be playing alts, so have fun in the Goblin / Worgen starter zones.  I will be getting to 85, re-gearing as necessary, and once the bugs have been sorted out and people have had their novelty thrill, I may get my goblin up and running.

This is Herc the Merc.  Cataclysm for you, just another day at the office for me.

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