Saturday Night Recap

Even this is too bright.  I may have sunburned my eyeballs.

It’s closing in on 3am on what would technically be Sunday morning.   Since I had nothing covering my dome except suntan lotion, and thought it’d be a great idea to spend the sunny afternoon working in the backyard, it’s entirely possible I’ve given myself thermal brain damage of some kind.  The following is simply the surviving synapses firing random thoughts into the nether.

– While listening to the latest podcast coming from Twisted Nether, Fymlis and Nibuca were interviewing Psynister of Psynister’s Notebook fame.  Psynister discussed his altaholism and how he often levelled up alts and blogged about his progress.  That gave me the idea to do something along the same line, to help out folks that might want to level as a Fury Warrior.   The experiment is afoot!

– Over on his personal blog, Daniel Howell broke the news that BRK is coming back for the Cataclysm alpha.  What this means for the future of Big Red Kitty is uncertain at the moment.  I sincerely hope Daniel knows what he’s doing, and wish him nothing but the best.

– I was a little shocked when MMO Champion dropped a whole mess of Cataclysm screenshots from the Alpha on us.  I was not so shocked when Blizzard gave them a smack and told them to smarten up.

– When I close my eyes, it’s like rubbing my cornea with sandpaper.

One can get the same result by reading the WoW Forums.

– I keep thinking there was something else, but other than everybody recycling the same Cataclysm goodness there isn’t much else going on.

– I was wrong.  Nerdtacular wrapped up for another year, and by all accounts it was a great success.  I’m saving my nerd-gasm for Blizzcon 2010.

You can almost taste the gamer funk.

This is Herc the Merc, putting the lotion on its skin.

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