Cataclysmic Events? Only For The Overdramatic.

I’d throw twenty bucks at this just to keep it from haunting my dreams.
It’s been a busy week, but to be honest I just haven’t been bothered. All week I’ve been listening to podcasts discussing the various class changes coming in Cataclysm. Some players rejoiced at the changes, others complained that everyone got something good expect their class.

Well that’s all well and good, but people tend to forget that these are not etched in stone. That’s what the Beta is for. The Dev’s will run these changes in-game and see what’s going to stay the same, what needs to be tweaked, and what’s going to be removed outright.

So before you fall in love with your upcoming talents, just remember this: Blizzard also promised you a Dance Studio. Nuff said.

You can find a list of the Cataclysm changes over at MMO Champion.

Space Ghost approves of this mount.

Yep, Blizzard added two more pets to their Store – Lil’ KT and the Celestial Steed. Once again, the player base lost their minds. The Steed, a full-blown mount that scales with your Riding Skill (both on land and in air), was the more expensive pet this time around at $20.

You know, I’m not even going to bother discussing this thing. I’ve covered this same, idiotic garbage when Blizzard did this the first time. The arguments haven’t changed at all, so I see no reason to rehash the same old trollop.

After looking at everything, there’s not a whole lot that needs going over. The big stories of the week were either things that may or may not happen in full, or have little impact on the game.

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