Secret MMO – Not So Secret?

Wasn’t I just talking about Bobby Kotick? When will I learn to keep my head in the sand, so I avoid digging up more reasons to really dislike this guy?

During the quarterly conference call, The ‘Tick dropped some knowledge about a good way to make money using his M.O. of milking people when they like something. He’s got a popular franchise, and a good way to generate revenue. Why not put those two together? When asked about Call of Duty, from Kotick’s own heart he stabbed at thee –

“If you think about the success we’ve had in other product categories on subscription, you can get a sense of the direction that we want to take that franchise.”

Monthly subscription to play Call of Duty? Is there some what they could turn CoD into the new Mystery MMO, ensuring Bobby’s river of blood from the player base to his hungry lips? I’m sure there is. They was talk of making the new Mystery MMO more modern, more futuristic. “Call of Duty: Future Warfare” perhaps?

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