My Present Wasn’t Under A Tree

Now that the holiday season has begun it’s death spiral, all the presents have been unwrapped, and I curse the sweets and spirits that have punished my body over the past seventy-two hours, I can catch my breath (wheeze) and reflect on some of the in-game events I have been privy to.

Winter’s Veil

Haven’t done a thing. Not one present, not one snowball. Nada. Don’t care.

Dungeon Finder

Hello new best friend.

I’ll be honest, I have never been a big fan of groups. Guildie groups, the rare time it happened, were bearable because they’re a good crew (amazing for a guild our size) and forgiving to those who were more solo oriented. Don’t misunderstand, I know what to do in a group. I assist the tank, kill what needs killing, keep control of my pet when I’m using my Hunter. It’s just the people that annoy me sometimes.

Especially in PuGs.

Not so much with the Dungeon Finder. In fact, it plays to one of the more powerful drives in the WoW player base – Greed.

In the days pre-DF, you’d get a PuG and be picky about it. After all, it took time to put these things together and you essentially got one shot at clearing the instance for Emblems of Triumph. It could be slow, painful, and not very much fun.

Fast forward to the PuGs of the Dungeon Finder Era. Emphasis on FAST. First, it takes no effort on the player’s part to find a group. They simply queue up as the role they want to play, then carry on with their business until they get a tap on the shoulder saying “Excuse me, but your group is ready.”

Next, a teleport to the instance. No more summoning, no more waiting around for people to arrive. Everyone’s there at the same time, ready to go.

The pace of these things are quick. People like to rush through them so they can queue up for another one as fast as possible, getting the most emblems they can. It’s like they ducked into the bathroom to drop a deuce with their laptop resting on their thighs, and need to get their Triumph emblems before they flush.

This quick pace means people aren’t too picky. The Dungeon Finder ranks characters by gear, so people aren’t carrying lesser-geared toons through the instance, but they don’t sweat that dude with the less than amazing DPS. They just want to get through the instance and start a new one. I have yet to see anyone be kicked from a group for sub-par DPS.

Needless to say, I’ve been having fun with the Dungeon Finder when I’ve had the time to use it. I’ve been testing the water with my Hunter, just to get the hang of dealing with people. Some, like the druid who humped Rukgut’s wolf to kill some time, were more interesting than others.

Bloodybull, I will find you and you WILL be paying pup support.

Today, after stacking run after run through instances like a fleet of drunk sailors on a hooker during shore leave, I ended up with a few pieces of quality T9 Gear –

Those are the types of presents I can handle over the holidays. I’ve seen new content that I’m sure I’ll be sick of seeing. I’ve met horny druids and and silent drones who storm through encounters without saying a word. I’ve gathered gear that’ll be more than sufficient until the next expansion, and I’m gaining experience that can’t be shown on a bar.

These are a few of my favorite things.

Happy Holidays.

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