Brief Friday Update

This has been my reaction to Patch 3.3 so far, and I haven’t even done anything yet.

No, scratch that. I’ve been updating addons that have been mysteriously bringing up errors despite working properly post patch. Damn it.

Game-wise, I’ve logged next to no time yet. Anxious, in a morbidly curious kind of way, to jump into the PuG system and see what kind of car wreck comes out. While I’m at it, I will probably level up my warrior in both his xp bar and professions.

Speaking of professions, I’m about ready to dump inscription on my warrior. Originally I started it just because I heard you could make some scratch with it. Also, and almost more importantly, you could get the awesome shoulder enchants without having to grind up Sons of Hodir faction. Did it once, would rather french-kiss an electric fence than do it again.

Patch 3.3 comes along, and now reputation-obtainable buffs (a la SoH Shoulder Enchants) are bind on account. Therefore, Rokk can buy them and send them to everyone else. That, coupled with my lack of researching for the Warrior’s inscription, and I’m considering getting him something else once he reaches 80.

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